If you looking for tree services in Santa Rosa you are on the right place at De Witt Tree Service

Tree ServiceDe Witt Tree Service provides full spectrum tree care for Santa Rosa CA in 25 mile radius. Our expert assessment of your tree will help you find the right solution, whether your situation calls for tree trimming, tree removal, stump removal or stump grinding.Our company firmly believes well cared for trees are a great asset to your property. Our employees use only the proper, specialized equipment for the job. By placing your trees in the hands of tree-health experts at De Witt Tree Service, you can know that your investment will be safe.

We provide our services and beleive that our customers are the most important thing to take care of. Because of that we are very popular among our area.

The significance of tree service should be known and you should be able to see the signs of it`s need. As trees grow, they may bring out wayward branches that can interfere with utility lines. Branches striking the power lines could potentially cause power outages, fires, and risky fluctuations in the power flow. Sometimes, when hit by a falling tree or a branch, the electrical line may be downed and could still be conducting electricity. This poses the risk of severe injury and even death to people or pets that might come into contact with the downed line. If you have a tree that might potentially fall into the utility line, set the situation right at once with the help of a De Witt Tree Service. Rotten, overgrown and wayward branches will be trimmed so that the tree does not pose the threat of hitting utility lines.


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